Mar 10/14

“All You Got” will be on TV this week!

From his latest studio album, Wonderizer, Chris Kirby’s tune “All You Got” will be on this week’s episode of SEED! Check out @seed_tv this Thursday night at 10pm AT on CityTV to hear it! Tweet @chrisfnkirby with hashtags #seedtv and #allyougot when you hear the song during the show on Thursday for your chance to win Chris’s new live album – Chris Kirby and the Marquee: Kitchen Party LIVE!!

“All You Got” is also available on iTunes for your listening pleasure!

Mar 04/14

Well folks, today is the day I release my live album to the world. Chris Kirby and the Marquee: Kitchen Party Live is now available in digital-only format on iTunes and other digital music stores. The album is a salute to you guys, my awesome fans, and a temporary farewell (sniff) as I prepare to spend 2014 out of the spotlight of the stage. I’ll be spending a lot of time writing songs… Some for me and some for Celine Dion. (What?! You never know.) I’ll also be spending a bunch of time in the studio finishing up exciting new projects like Miss Brianna Gosse’s debut album and soon-to-be pop marvels RocketRocketShip’s new album. I also just got back from an amazing trip to Cuba, where I tracked a Latin-pop album with Cape Breton songsmith (and my buddy!) Keith Mullins. But don’t worry, I’ll be back on stage in no time with new songs and maybe even a new fedora.

I really hope you all enjoy the album! Please let me know what you think on Facebook.

- CK